Use your iPhone X or Sony Experia XZ1 smart phone to capture your own 3D images and we will create personalised presents, similar to those shown below, for you. We can also quote for items to be made in a range of materials including Silver, Gold, Bronze, Brass, Porcelain, Sandstone etc.

Personalised Animal Porcelain Artwork (Face)Your 3D Scanned FaceBuy from £95

Personalised Caricature Artwork – Triple Headed Buddha – Your 3D Scanned Face – Buy from £95

Personalised Jewellery – Personalised Man/Woman Face Voronoi Pendant – Your 3D Sanned Face – Buy from £225

Personalised Name Artwork – Personalised Voronoi 3D Font ArtworkBuy from £75

Personalised Porcelain Artwork – Personalised Porcelain Round Disc – Your 3D Sanned FaceBuy from £125 

Personalised Mask ArtworkYour 3D Sanned FaceBuy from £125

Voronoi Wax/Silver/Gold/Brass/Bronze ArtworkYour 3D Scanned Face – Buy from £175

Miniature Voronoi Silver/Gold/Brass/Bronze Artwork – Your 3D Scanned FaceBuy £150

Voronoi Wax/Silver/Gold/Brass/Bronze Artwork – Your 3D Scanned HeadBuy from £245

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